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Mark was born in England and brought up in Roswell New Mexico, USA. It was very isolated with not much to do. His passion for media came in his teenage years with 'Rock After Midnight', when it was possible to receive far away radio stations. This idea of global communications captured his imagination.   

With the Vietnam War ending Mark dropped out of university to front an early punk band and spent the next 10 years on the road across the US settling near Los Angeles.  His first broadcast job in 1982 was for KRXV / KXVR,  a computerized radio station in Death Valley, California between Los Angeles and Las Vegas because he was a sound man and electrician luckily with a strong voice.  He quickly took to digital and stays at the cutting edge of quality fast content production. 

So beginning with communications in its’ infancy Mark’s skills as an expert have been honed.  His highest posting is as consultant to the Chinese Government working in Beijing.  While at China Radio International (CRI) during its' launch to online delivery he guided journalistic conduct, content development and production standards. 

He has since become a harsh critic of the Chinese government. 

Houston Chronicle - China Radio International

Boston Globe -  China state radio In Boston

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